Wednesday, November 02, 2011

King of the Woods

After a long day at work I was driving home through the dark on the quiet county road. The 30 mile commute on this cool autumn night was fairly uneventful until I neared the river bottoms. Approaching the river is my cue to perk up and force my tired eyes to scan the ditches closely for deer. As I started down the hill carrying me into the valley, I spotted unusual movement off to the right side of the road. I slowed to almost a stop. You turned and I saw you in your grandeur; wearing your antlers like a proud crown of years upon your head. With no hesitation in your purposeful stride, in a seemingly slow-motion and fluid gesture, you turned your crowning glory and leapt over the fence as you had done a hundred times before, disappearing into the black of night. As I drove home, I silently sent you good wishes and a prayer of invisibility that you could hide from the cars, arrows and bullets for the rest of your years. A hope for a lifelong monarchy for this king of the woods.