Monday, July 30, 2007

The Hubby Gets Kudos

Since quitting smoking almost two years ago, I've been patiently hoping hubby would find the courage and determination to do the same. Today is day 7 without a cigarette for him. I'm so proud of him. It's a hard task to undergo but he's doing great.

Maybe y'all could send him some kudos & attaboys in the comments?


Actor Michael J. Fox discusses his foundation
for Parkinson's disease research and allegations
made by radio host Rush Limbaugh last year.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate and one of America's best-selling poets, reads his poem "Budapest" with animation by Julian Grey of Headgear.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Little Dog Syndrome

Poor Rico. He get's taunted and taunted by the neighbors little terrier that runs loose all the time across the road. Tucker the terrior feels free to wander around our yard and bark at Rico while he's in his kennel. Whenever we walk around our yard, Tucker is in their yard barking up at us - daring Rico to come over. Rico is in our yard off leash only when we are around and keeping an eye on him. Every once in a while Rico can't resist the calls and the 70 lb. German Shepherd decides to take Tucker the 10 lb. terrier up on his requests. It only takes a few seconds of turning our heads and Rico shoots across the road to the neighbors. Rico has done this 4 times in the last year. We usually know when it happens by the screams of terror Tucker lets out when he sees Rico running up their driveway. Rico has never hurt Tucker - he goes over and says hello while I'm sure Tucker is pissing in the spot he stands. Meanwhile Rico gets punished and Tucker barks at us the rest of the night. Little jerk of a dog.

My Three for today:
1. It finally cooled down a bit here. Windows are open and fresh air is blowing in.
2. Looks good for hot air ballooning tomorrow evening.
3. My toenails are still perfectly painted a week after the pedicure.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going Home Again

In 1982 thirty-eight kids donned graduation gowns and caps and set off to find their way in this big world. Some of them found their spot in far away places, some not so far from their childhood back yards. Some have had smooth sailing, some a rougher road to travel.

Seventeen of those kids got together this weekend and realized twenty-five years later, we all still feel a bit like 18 year olds now and then. We had a great time reminiscing, catching up on each others lives. With such a small group you also knew your classmates parents and siblings. Updates on families, careers and hobbies filled conversations. We had a lot of laughs about the past sprinkled with a few "did we really do that?"

We walked through the old high school which sits ready for kids, but other than a few rooms is no longer used by the school district. Enrollment has shrunk to the point that all twelve grades can fit in what was once the elementary and middle school. I expected things to look smaller but all was as I remembered. We walked up the stairs towards the science room and you could still smell the formaldehyde from dissections of years ago. We remembered teachers and who used to smoke in the bathrooms. I heard stories of underground tunnels that I never knew existed. Walls were lined with framed photos of each graduating class and we stopped to point and look for siblings and friends.

We walked a few blocks up to the street dance and searched the crowd for familiar faces. Ran into quite a few old neighbors and friends. The DJ called for the "Class of 82" to get up on stage a couple of times and we sang and danced along to "We Got The Beat" and "Paradise By The Dashboard Light." Our 18 year old inner selves were strong in us by that time - at least until it came time to jump OFF the stage.

It was a great time and some of us have decided five years is too long to wait to see each other again so we'll make informal plans to gather once a year.

My Three for today:
1. The AC in my office works great. (It's hot out there today.)
2. All three kitties were soaking up the morning sun on the step this morning when I walked outside.
3. Hubby is home today and I'm going to take him out for lunch.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Off

Just clearing up the "to do" list before I take off for the weekend.

Clients happy and satisfied until Monday? Check.

Hubby has food and clean clothes? Check.

Entire wardrobe packed so my sister can help me figure out what to wear to the reunion tomorrow? Check.

Called and talked to my sisters before heading to Alex? Check. (Hubby gives me a hard time on this one - I always do this and he is always amazed that we still have things to talk about once I get there.)

Arrangements made for Saturday's visits in Chokio, Alberta & Morris? Check.

Presents and Great Aunt B hugs & kisses for my nieces kidlets in from Colorado packed? Check.

Butterflies in stomach about class reunion? Check.

Vodka, tonic water and lime wedges to kill butterflies on Saturday? Check.

Think I'm ready. Have a great weekend all! I will.

My Three for today:
1. Hubby said "your toes are pretty" for the first time ever.
2. Last night's sunset.
3. As of this morning, 13 lbs. down.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lieutenant Dan, you got new feet!

No, I didn't cancel the pedicure appointment. This was the first pedicure I have had and what a treat it was. I thought for sure I would have a hard time having someone handle my feet as I'm extremely ticklish. There was only a couple of times that I had to pull my foot away with a giggle. She scrubbed, soaked, buffed, massaged and cleaned up these old toeses and the nails are now a sparkly sunset orange. I found myself walking along and admiring my new feet. It reminded me of the line from the movie Forest Gump; "Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs!" Maybe that's what all those people are doing when they're walking along with their heads down - not looking at the ground to avoid eye contact but perhaps admiring their freshly pedicured toes?

And of course, because it's me and I'm a klutz, I smudged one of the nails before I got home. I walked in the house and fixed it with a drop of polish I had that is close in color, walk outside and immediately one of the cats steps right on that toe and smudges it again! I'll wait until later to fix it. My feet are now ready for the reunion! Now for the rest of me...argh!

My Three for today:
1. The humidity went away and it's a beautiful day!
2. Laughing with my sister.
3. Hearing an old friends voice again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I know I kind of suddenly disappeared. All is fine. I just took a hiatus from the blog world for a bit. Have been getting the urge to start writing again so here we go.

This weekend is my 25th high school class reunion. I haven't been to one since the 5th. And up until last fall, I hadn't come across any of my classmates for about 15 years. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Not sure why. Is it an unavoidable feeling to want to prove yourself "worthy" to former classmates? Why am I so nervous? I'm going to have fun regardless of my worries.

Maybe my old extreme "worry about what others think" characteristic is coming out again. I was really bad about that for a long time. The hubby has been a good influence on me in that department. Eventually I decided I was tired of him having all the fun and me getting embarrased all the time. It still comes out now and then but hubby and turning 40 has helped me get past it. So why is it rearing it's ugly head again? Maybe I'll cancel my pedicure on Thursday just to be defiant.
No I won't!

Three Things I'm Happy About:
1. I'm glad my nieces are now aunts and can feel how much I love them.
2. I'm thankful my brothers illness didn't turn serious.
3. I'm happy our kitty Burn came home last night after being gone for 2 days.