Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stray Baby or Superman?

I found a stray baby in my yard yesterday. Honest to God! I walked out my office door around 2:00 and looked up, there’s a 2-ish-year-old blonde-haired boy wearing nothing but a diaper standing under the pine trees. He couldn’t talk, just pointed and grunted. I looked around thinking someone had walked over with him and maybe was knocking on a door on the house, but no one was around.

I assumed he belonged across the road so I picked him up and walked down the driveway. I then discovered his vehicle was parked at the end of the driveway, a tricycle. I just gasped! Our road is so busy. So I picked up the trike with my other hand and started walking to the neighbors. Well, this kiddo was getting heavy so about halfway between our driveways and I put him on his trike and let him pedal home.

At the neighbors, an older boy rode his bike to the end of the driveway. I said, “Does this belong to you?” while pointing at the kidlet. He said “YES!” and rode his bike back up to the house. The teenage babysitter with 3 more kids came to meet us at the end of the driveway. She was pretty flustered. She said “I just heard the door shut and he was gone.” Um, sorry, didn’t fly with me. He had to have been gone at least 15-20 minutes to pedal down the driveway, up the road and walk up our hill. I told her, “He had to have been gone quite a long while to trek over to our house.” Later on Mom & Dad drove over and thanked me profusely. But I see the teenager’s car is over there again today.

John said I should’ve done what we do with stray dogs – put him in the dog pen until someone comes looking for him. ;) Good thing we’re not parents huh? That was the wierdest feeling though walking outside and there’s this baby in my yard! I’ve been watching too much TV, I checked to see if he had a bellybutton! Alien baby... could've been, you never know! He could've been a Superman baby. But then I figured they probably don't have Sesame Street Huggies on other planets.

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sarjane said...

Sonic1At that age, they're ALL aliens! That's pretty scary stuff though...As a parent, I wouldn't be having that sitter back again, even if it meant losing a day or two of work to find a new one. And the sitter should be very happy that you didn't pick up the phone and call the sheriffs office to report a stray while it waited in your dog kennel. Child protection and social services et al can get kind of rough on folks. Remind me to send the kids to visit their uncle more often - I have a couple who could use that kind of a tune up!