Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Weird Birds

I have the door open to my shop this morning. The birds are making all kinds of noise today so I'm enjoying their calls. We have a group of starlings (at least I think they're starlings) that come back every year and nest in an old, unused chimney on the house. They're sitting in the pine trees by my office door making all kinds of strange noises.

Their noises are why I question if they're starlings or maybe mockingbirds. But it surely makes me wonder where they spend their winters to pick up such noises. I think one of their stops must be a zoo in Florida. I hear them making sounds of monkeys and dolphins along with frogs, geese, red tailed hawks and other noises that I'm sure if I stop trying so hard, I'll realize what they are imitating.

I've tried to capture their sound on the video recorder on my digital camera but it hasn't worked out. The blue jays butt in or the dog decides to bark and drowns out their sounds. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the sounds and the 60-something degree temps out there on this sunshiny day.

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Sornie said...

Well I have a Robin building its home above the back door of my house, nestled in the down spout. That isn't going to end well for me.