Thursday, June 11, 2015

Through New Eyes

A friend and I attended the first of 4 classes on Creative Writing/Poetry. What an inspiring evening! Have been feeling non-creative lately and miss writing. I've been trying to get the words flowing again. I believe this will help judging by the excitement my friend and I are experiencing today.

The class is being sponsored by a local arts organization and taught by a college professor. Her viewpoints and alternative ways of looking at words are inspiring. Wait, I've used "inspiring" already. I need a better word..."thought provoking?" That works. See? It's helping me already.

I've written some poetry in the past but it always turns out rhyming and 4 line stanzas. Elementary stuff. I'll share some on here when I'm feeling more comfortable with it. I love reading poetry and gravitate towards the non-conformist and free-range stylings. To me, poetry is art with words; sometimes abstract, sometimes cubist and sometimes realism. I also have discovered poetry readings on Spotify. I tend to close my eyes when listening to poetry so need to be careful not to listen while driving. Pretty sure this would qualify as "distracted driving" don't you agree?

 One of the conversations last night centered around "seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary". I'm looking forward to my eyes and mind being more open to everyday routines and finding the unexpected. My notebook and pen will not be far away.

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