Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And another thing about Christmas Eve Day

Um, well, at my sisters house on Christmas Eve day, I drank a whole bottle of wine on my own, so if I said anything I shouldn't have, I'm sorry.

Like telling my niece's new boyfriend that her brother calls him Hank as in Hank Hill from the cartoon because he sells propane equipment and the boyfriend said "Oh really?" in a "I'm gonna get him" tone of voice and I couldn't read him if he was serious or joking. So Phil if you got sucker punched over that one, I'm sorry.

Or like bossing everyone around when it came to distributing and opening presents. And here I thought I was always a follower and not a leader. Just call me Queen Cabernet Sauvignon!

And um, like when I might have embarrassed my other niece by declaring that if she ever breaks up with Andy, he should still come to our Christmas gatherings.

And if there was anything else, I'm sorry. But I had a really fun time! ;)


RennyBA said...

Sounds like you've had a great Christmas anyway:-)

Thanks for your comments on my Lutefisk post. Your tradition for Lutefisk at the church sounds great too. In the rutabaga you ad milk and butter, yes.
Oyster stew sounds delicious, but don't think it is consider that much of a traditional Norwegian food. See food in general are though:-)

Wishing you A Happy New Year!

chrysalis said...


Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm usually bossy with or without wine, but I too develop a certain Valpolicellacharm after a glass or eight.