Friday, December 01, 2006

Strong Bad: Caffeine Experiment

I love the Strong Bad cartoons from the Homestar Runner gang. This one I find myself repeating the "Ohhhhhh devilish laugh" part over and over! Now, I need to figure out how to make that my system alert sound. The inner child is strong in this one OB1.


morealyera said...

strongbad: at this point, the test subject was dead.

audience: *gasp!*

strongsad: I was NOT dead.

strongbad: shut up.

thanks for the chuckle! :)

RennyBA said...

If I had make that my system alert sound, I would have to scream for coffee all the time LoL

Wishing you a lovely weekend:-)

Margus said...


Anonymous said...

Like looking in the mirror... yikes!

Well, maybe just "one" more cup of orange juice coffee...