Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ol' Green Eyes

"Ol'" being the key word in the title. The eyeballs are aging. I don't know exactly what parts are wearing out in these nearsighted round orbs but bifocals are a necessity now.

I did get a pair of "office" glasses with bifocals at the last eye doctor visit and also a second pair of my signature red glasses without bifocals for every day. The office glasses are on my face most of the time now. The red glasses are getting worn out from constantly lifting them up and peaking under them to focus on things close to my face.

I tried contacts and hated them. Have often thought about having Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision but the cost always stopped that idea. I'll just keep wearing my facial accessory until I'm old and gray, um, older and grayer!

The other day I went out to lunch with a friend and there was a large group of blue hairs getting together for a luncheon. As we walked up to the door a lovely, short statured woman in a luxurious fur coat turned around to look for her companions and she had the wildest glasses. They were very large and very round and very blue and they made me smile. I loved them! Decided I'll be wearing those in red when I'm a blue hair.


RennyBA said...

Red and blue is a great combination - stick to them!

Btw: Thanks for your weather report and I wish you a lovely end to your week:-)

TorAa said...

You made me laugh, 'cause the situation you describes is me. Yes, yes. I've been without working glasses (bifocal + astigmatic) for 10 days. People asked me if I put my reading objects, incl my PC screen directly to my viewcenter in the back of my brain. People who have never been shortsighted does not understand hos helpless one can be without glasses. I just changed glasses, not rim.
And to use my ordinary glasses - impossible. They are -6,25 and the working glasses -3,5.
Bluehaired woman with Large Glasses? That's so American. I learned that many years ago, while watching tourists visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo (Norway).
Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is upset being called a "blue hair!" Just remember. if you live as long as she has, you will just appreciate any color of hair---so there!