Friday, October 26, 2007


I love the title of this one: "Its all cool until you get to the sauerkraut track."

natalie dee


Sizzle said...

how funny!

i once wrote a post about how i wished there were ipods for our noses because my office smelled so foul.

natalie dee rules.

Jen said...


RennyBA said...

I had a good laugh seeing this - hilariously good - thanks for sharing!

Btw: Your welcome over to our Halloween Party in Oslo tonight and its smell free LoL

dmarks said...

Good tourist slogans in the worlds? "Norway. It sure doesn't smell like Cleveland".

Kristie said...

Happy 2008! Found you from Renny's blog :) From Kristie in Norway

RennyBA said...

Just here to wish you A Happy New Year!

Chick said...

I'm glad I found're funny AND you have cool graphic design links on your side menu.


I'll be back.