Monday, January 28, 2008

Practically Hibernating

The hubbie's parents gave us an electric blanket for Christmas this year. We finally got it assembled and put on the bed Saturday night. It has individual controllers and we turned it on and snuggled in for a cozy sleep. Typical Sunday, we slept in. Later I mentioned to hubbie that I noticed the blanket had shut off on it's own sometime during the night. He said he noticed too and had read something about an automatic shut-off on the packaging. I went upstairs to read the book and found out "after 10 hours, the power to the electric blanket will turn off." Oops, guess we're not supposed to sleep more than 10 hours. Come on folks, it's the dead of winter. We're practically hibernating up here in the great white north! Well, at least on the weekends anyway. Next weekend we'll have to set the alarm clock for 10 hours after we go to bed, wake up, turn the alarm clock off, turn the blanket back on and go back to sleep. Boy, being lazy is sure hard work!


RennyBA said...

We could use that kind of warming up in bed thing in Norway too - but then again, there is other ways of doing it too :lol:

Btw: Good to see you up and running again - have missed you, you know :-)

Wishing you a great week and good sleeps!

dmarks said...

I think you should wait until the bears file a class-action lawsuit over this, and join in.

Jen said...

You think they'd make it easier, right?! ; )

Dorky Dad said...

Mmmmm ... electric blanket ... warm ... sleep ... good.