Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Know It's Cold When...

...the salt you threw on the sheet of ice by the door just sits there...mockingly...on top of the ice...not melting the ice...for two days.

...the first inhale through your nose instantly freezes up the nose hairs and feels like something is pinching your nose. I think if my nose hairs could talk they would be screaming "Holy crap...make a run for the brain! It's warm in there!"

...the dog is VERY quick about doing his business outdoors. No dilly-dallying around looking for the perfect spot.

...gloves don't cut it - must have wooly mittens.

...the scarf and stocking cap stay on once inside the house. (Especially when your house was built in 1896.)

...the hairdryer is shoved into a little hole in the floor to thaw out the water lines to the bathroom sink.

...the house makes strange, cracking noises in the late night. Then you see the the bathroom the middle of a piece of sheetrock. (Especially when your house was built in 1896.) haven't seen a bird fly by all day. How those little bird legs don't freeze up and shatter like glass is beyond me. can't stop thinking about the winter you went to Florida from frigid temps and mittens in the morning to an evening sitting in the pool looking at the full moon through the palm trees.

January is done...February's a short month...end of March will bring relief. C'mon spring!


Jen said...

"January is done...February's a short month...end of March will bring relief. C'mon spring!" I like it!

lime said...

you know it's cold when can cut glass with your nipples

dmarks said...

How about the odd crunch very cold snow makes when you walk on it? like styrofoam?

Jocelyn said...

Terrific descriptions--of a WONDERFUL time of year. I love winter. I am already angry that it's thinking of moving on.

Enjoy the strange, cracking sounds. Could be your back. Better your house.