Monday, March 24, 2008

Interesting Ice Formations

The hub sent me an email with photos today. The email had claimed these were photos taken of ice heaves in Lake Huron but Snopes proved it wrong. Why do people do that? Snopes corrected this and found the photos were taken at the Antarctic base of Dumont D'Urville by Tony Travoullion in 2002.

Will this winter ever end? How I long for a nice, slow rain with rumbles of thunder here and there. That first long rain that washes away the last bits of dirty snow, weighs down the dead weeds and grass and acts as an alarm clock for the new grass to sprout and give us that bright spring green carpet all around. I'm going to stand outside in that rain and wash away the cooped up wintery blues.


Anonymous said...

Me too!! Course, we could just go to "Lake Huron" and have these waves wash the blues , and everything else, away when they thaw!
love, "granny-nanny"

Balou said...

@Granny Nanny - Screw heading north, let's go to that big lake to the south, Lake Gulf of Mexico.

dmarks said...

Looks like a Frank Gehry museum design to me.

Anonymous said...

O.K.! How's tomorrow and Thurs. sound?