Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Escape to the Momish

Some days, when I'm stressed out over the huge list of things to be done and not enough time to do it, I fantasize about escaping to a stress-free life. Doesn't everyone do this? My fantasy usually involves selling everything and loading up the dog and hubbie into a Winnebago and wandering around aimlessly. I start thinking about all the beautiful things we'd see and people we'd meet. Then I start thinking about the high price of gas and how would we pay for everything and what if we got into an accident and then we'd be bumming because we didn't have health insurance.... OK, that fantasy is over, get back to work.

Today while talking to my friend who's having a hard time finding a job and is feeling the financial strain, we fantasized together for a bit. We talked about joining the Amish community. And, as usual, the negative thought about how it would be pretty cool until we were shunned for doing something a woman is not supposed to do. We decided we needed to start our own community and would be a matriarchal community and we would call ourselves the "Momish". It's actually perfect. It would be made up of mother aged women who aren't mothers. You know, not moms but mom-ish. They could bring along their men if they wanted. We'd all share the work and make the major decisions. Wait. That sounds kind of stressful - to be in charge of that many people and make decisions for everyone and soothe hormone induced tempers... well crap. Get back to work balou.


abmom said...

No matter the dreams, there really isn't a Camelot or Utopia, unless you are one of those "crooks" running our financial institutions!
But dreming isn't bad--dream of a possible scenario--like winning the lottery!!

Sornie said...

The only drawback to Amish life is the butter churning. Oh, yeah, and the inbreeding. That part would start to suck.