Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fruits of our labor

We planted a vegetable garden for the first time in quite a few years. The place we used to have a garden became too shaded as the trees got taller. We picked out a new spot by the round barn. A friend turned the soil and hubby dug holes for fenceposts and we put up chicken wire to keep the bunnies out.

We decided to plant beets, tomatoes, cabbage, jalapenos and cilantro. 27 tomato plants found their way into our garden. Everything was great although I won't plant cilantro again - the timing was all off.

I've been busy with canning the tomatoes and am now getting to the point that I'm giving away tomatoes. I tried making catsup last night. I've never made it before but we'll see how it turns out when the Heinz bottle runs out.

Here's the tally so far: 16 quarts whole tomatoes, 8 pints tomato sauce, 9 jars salsa, 16 pints beets, 4 pints pickled beets and 5 pints ketchup.


lime said...

that's a lot of labor but the fruits look pretty tasty!

creativedolan said...

can I have some? :) tomatoes ROCK

Riley said...

Those look great! You'll be the envy of all when the snow is deep.

Neil said...

Oh, man, if I lived by you, I would be taking bags of tomatoes from you. Nothing is as good as a home grown tomato, the opposite of those tasteless things you get at the supermarket.

TC said...

This makes me miss my grandparents' garden :)