Sunday, January 11, 2009

Questions Answered

I've been MIA on my blog this week. A combination of being busy with my graphic design work (a good problem to have) and a glitch with Blogger. I recently uploaded an update for Firefox that decided my blog posts should be in an Arabic font. I messed around with it and now it's just doing the titles in a font that has squares in it. What the heck?! I decided to try a different browser, Safari, and it seems to be doing the trick for now.


Bill over at Just A Moment Of Miscellany posted an interview in which questions were asked of him by another blogger. Here's five questions Bill asked of me when I requested to be interviewed. (If you'd like to be interviewed by me, see instructions at the end of this post.)

1. If you were to do a summer weekend excursion, which would you choose - Baraboo or Door County? Tell why you pick one over the other.

Definitely Door County. It would have to be a long weekend though as it is on the opposite side of the state. I've been there only once. I was with an artist friend that had an art show in nearby Sheboygan. On our way home, we took a detour and spent the hottest day of the year visiting a few places. I would love to rent a cozy Door County cabin on Lake Michigan for a week or two. Take in the architecture, shopping, food and do some painting and sketching along the way.

2. You've mentioned hot air ballooning. Have you gone to the Oshkosh air show?

We have not been the the Oshkosh air show. When we first got into hot air ballooning, we went to several balloon rallies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We've kept the ballooning in our own area for the past few years. After visiting those other locations, the hubby has decided that we have some of the best flying right in our own backyard.

3. Why don't you have blogs in the the month of June, and why so few in May?

You know, I don't know why. I didn't realize the trend until you mentioned it. Probably the best explanation would be that I start spending a lot more time outside. It's the time of year when the days start getting longer and I get the urge to garden and tend to things in the dirt once I've finished my graphic design work in the office.

4. Do you have favorite places to visit in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago? Please mention a few.

I get to Minneapolis quite often since we live only 45 miles away. I don't really have a favorite place in Minneapolis but rather like to discover new places. One of these days I'll find that one thing that I have to revisit again and again. One place I've enjoyed on several occasions is the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul. It's a wonderful dose of green and flowers and humidity when the winter drearies set in.

I've been to Chicago and Milwaukee each once. Both are places I'd like to spend more time exploring. I absolutely loved the Art Institute of Chicago when there last summer. Again, I was only there for one day so was limited on what I experienced. I need to take longer vacations!

5. Has blogging offered you any surprises? Spurred you to try something new or different? Think different thoughts

Absolutely, all of the above! The biggest surprise was discovering how much I enjoy writing and telling stories. I haven't written much other than letters since I was in school. I would start journals but abandon them within a week or two. I'm not sure exactly what made me start a blog and am also not sure why I've stuck with it. I think it's probably the readers and the sense of community that has developed. I have met up and made friends with some local bloggers which I'm sure our paths would've never crossed if it weren't for blogging. And there are many others that I would definitely get in contact with if visiting their area. Blogging has made me realize the world is a small place and we all have a lot in common.

I am trying new things because of blogging. Most recently I've been intrigued with the guerilla art knit-ups. In fact I'm working on one and will be putting it up, and blogging about it soon. The list is endless though...books, art, destinations. Most of all, it has made me a better observer of everyday happenings, my surroundings and thoughts.


If you'd like to be interviewed by me, here's the instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me" with your email address or send me an email at talk2balou at gmail dot com.
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Bill Stankus said...

Glad you got your computer language sorted out.

Thanks for going along with the interview questions.

BTW, Firefox will work ok for a Mac but it primarily for PCs. Camino is designed for the Mac and it is really easy to moved all your bookmarks from Firefox to Camino (both are by Mozilla). I use both Safari and Camino - both have neat features...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You balloon? How intriguing!

actonbell said...

Nice to hear from you, I'm glad you're no longer in Arabic.
I'd love to go up in a balloon sometime, but don't know if I ever will. Nice interview!

RennyBA said...

Safari is great of course - glad you sorted it out!

Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much, but my back still hurt and its hard to type.