Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Working for myself has its ups and downs. Today was a downer. Everything took twice as long as it should have. And I missed a deadline. I hate that feeling. Thank goodness for understanding customers but I still worked myself into quite a tizzy this morning. Days like this I miss co-workers to lend a hand and an ear.

At my last job when I had hard days I would email hubby this code: CIQMJ? He never said anything but I'm sure he didn't look forward to coming home to me as it usually meant I was frustrated and upset about my job again. What is CIQMJ you ask? It stood for "Can I Quit My Job." Funny thing is the first time I emailed CIQMJ to him, he knew what it stood for without explanation. It's sometimes scary how well he knows me.

If I could even entertain the thought of packing it in, today would have been a CIQMJ email day. Is a little tougher to quit when I am the business. I should be grateful, there's a lot more good days then there are bad days. OK, rant over.


Margus said...

just think how many more days you would have like that if you worked FOR someone. So far I've only wanted to CIQMJ once.

morealyera said...

hopefully it wil get better soon. Glad to hear that these days are in the minority! (((HUGS)))