Monday, September 11, 2006

One Year Smoke-Free

Tomorrow, September 12th, will mark my one year anniversary as a non-smoker. I spent 26 years as a smoker. Had my first cigarette when I was 13 years old and started smoking regularly at 15. Now I can say I quit at 41.

I'm not sure why it worked this time. I had tried to quit unsuccessfully two or three times before. Maybe it was the right recipe for me. I had picked a date a month prior. Got the Nicorette gum purchased and went online to learn about quitting smoking at Read others stories on how they quit and printed up "Not One Puff Ever" signs and taped them up all over the place. Then when the day came, I emailed my family and friends and asked for support. If I failed this time, I was not only accountable to myself but to everyone else.

The first few weeks were the most difficult but every day it got easier to breath through and past the urges. The changes in my body helped my resolve as they started. Being able to take a hard, fast, deep breath without coughing. Being able to walk through knee deep snow down my neighbors long driveway without getting the stitch in my side or feeling like I would pass out because I couldn't get enough air into my body.

It's been a while since I've gone to my "Quit-O-Meter" program to see what the totals are so this will be good...
Smobriety comes to: 0Y 11M 4W 2D 13H 3Mns
$-Saved to date: $2161.62
I have NOT smoked 14,411 cigarettes.

Now, where did that $2,161.62 go?


Philip said...

Congratulations Barb -

Keep up the good work. Proud of ya!


Anonymous said...

Great going! I know how hard that habit is. I also know people--same ones you know--that think anyone can stop doing anything--if only they want to!! But we know differently!! (MO)

danedawg99 said...

congrats, Barb!!!