Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm one of them...

Ugh! I've become one of those obsessed dog owners! Here are my obsessed dog owner confessions:
  • whenever I'm in a store, any store, I have to check out the dog toy section
  • when I change into my pj's at night, I empty dog treats out of my pants pockets
  • Monday nights are puppy school night
  • I say "good potty" in a high squeaky voice when I see him going to the bathroom
  • I have dog toys in my car
and the piest de resistance...
  • I am taking Rico to my sisters for the weekend for a play date with her new puppy.
Just kill me now. But let me feed Rico first. ;)


morealyera said...

lol, as a fellow pet-person I hear you loud and clear. ;)

Anonymous said...

WELL? THis is "the sister".......where's the story about the puppy-play-date wkd.!!??
That's it.....QYJ. Just be a writer!! :)