Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On The Hunt

Last weekend was deer hunting opener in Wisconsin. Beginning pre-dawn Saturday morning the roads came alive with pickups filled with fluorescent orange clad humans. On occassion the quiet would be interrupted with bangs and booms from guns. This will go on for another week. In the meantime I walk Rico after sunset when hunting for the day has ended. I also sigh a bit of relief that hubby has never shown much interest in hunting.

I am also on the hunt. We have declared open season on the little mice that think they're going to have a cozy home inside our house for the winter. It's just part of the, um, "charm" of living in a home built in 1895. Old houses get holes. Our house cat Gracie is not too interested in the furry invaders so the traps are set and loaded with peanut butter. When we catch one, it quickly becomes a treat to the outdoor kitties. I think they enjoy the peanut butter flavored mice over the non-flavored ones.

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