Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Day

Today is Voting Day. Be sure to exercise your right.

You know what I think the best part of voting day is? As of 8:00AM the campaign advertisements stop. Trees can grow again, the phone calls from "unknown" will stop and we won't have to watch bad acting and trash talking on TV by politicians.


morealyera said...

what a relief. Ack, I thought I was going to have to gnaw off my own arm if I was subjected to another campaign ad!

Neeners said...

We get calls from 'celebrities' around here. Recorded, of course. I got two calls from Joe Pesci, one from Hillary Clinton and one from Al Gore. It's so annoying and disruptive.

balou said...

I had one from Kathleen Turner. I don't remember what she was saying but I was strangely turned on by her voice.