Thursday, April 19, 2007

Give Me A Sign

Hubby has been missing balou. Even though he knew I was not posting for a few days, he said he still checked in twice a day...just in case. Awww. He wuvs me.

The snow is gone, the temperature is rising and beginning to warm the cold ground. Last weekend I washed all the throw rugs in the house and hung them on the clothes line. Thus begins the spring cleaning. This year I feel like purging. I need to reduce the clutter and so decided to have a garage sale. Our dining room has become the collection point and is brimming with unnecessary things.

It is amazing the little things that get moved around and stored "just in case." I might need six calculators some day. I might need four ziploc bags of sea shells. I really might need twin sized bedding - especially since we no longer have a twin bed. I do need some garage sale signs. I think the chain wielding Fabio version would attract some attention, don't you? Is it just me or does anyone else think Fabio looks like a woman from the waist down?


lime said...

what a sweet guy that mr balou is!

and i think fabio looks liek a woman from the waist up too!

Dorky Dad said...

BAT CAVE! I've been to Bat Cave. It's not that exciting.

Welcome back, Balou!

Oh, and my wife started using butter spray because she thought that it was funny that the company used Fabio in its ads.

Mary said...

Welcome back, Balou!

Regarding Fabio: Born a man, looks like a girl.

Regarding garage sale: Need any bags of caramel apple sticks? I buy the caramels, but never use the sticks. You can't just throw them out--I mean you just might NEED them. So do you... need them?

Balou said...

lime: Mr. Balou is a honey. You are right about waist up too!

D-Dad: I missed writing. Bat Cave is on the list of places I don't want to visit. ;)

Mary: Admit it, you eat the caramels and never make the caramel apples. Regarding the sticks...yes I want them...wait, no...yes I want them...wait, no...(runs away from computer)

Jocelyn said...

I was missing you, too.

And the life of Household Crap. Sigh. It's an unending battle. I've decided that if the world would just stop giving my children free pencils every time they leave the house, I might have a fighting chance. What is it with pencils?

actonbell said...

What lime said--I don't GET Fabio, at all, but I think that sign's hilarious and it would certainly draw attention to your sale--of course, lots of people would want to buy that sign! You could make some cash renting it out.

So, there's really a place called Bat Cave?
Welcome back!

voyageur said...

Fabio looks like a woman from the scalp up, too.


I thought I'd been near Bat Cave, like it was in Wiscosnin. I looked it up and found that no, that was Gotham, Wisconsin I was thinking of.