Friday, May 04, 2007

Foreign Particle Etiquette

I was reliving an embarrassing moment I had a while back. I used to sell handmade greeting cards at a very chic/whimsical art gallery. The woman that owns the gallery is personable but intimidating at the same time and always made me nervous when speaking with her.

I was on my way to drop off some cards and was running late so stopped at the fast food drive through and picked up a sandwich for lunch. It was some chicken concoction with mayo and shredded lettuce. I walked into the gallery and talked with the owner for a spell after handing her my cards. Me, nervous as ever and she was looking at me a bit funny. I get out to the car, look in the mirror and there's a blob of lettuce and mayo on the side of my face. It had taken on a mucous-like quality from the heat of my blushing cheek.

I was embarrassed beyond belief which turned to frustration at her lack of common courtesy. Why didn't she say something? All it would've taken is handing me a Kleenex and a hushed "Here, there's a little something on your right cheek."

If someone I know has some mustard or other foreign object on their face, I discreetly let them know. I think it's common courtesy. For myself, I usually look at myself in the rear-view mirror before I get out of the car and perform routine foreign particle checks.


lime said...

ack, i hate that. i once stood talking to someone with half a breast hanging out becasue i didn't know my blouse had come undone (new blouse, didnt' realize the buttons were poorly done)

Jocelyn said...

Yea, I've never figured out why it's "kinder" or "more discreet" to let someone continue to humiliate him/herself in front of you. Just say something, people.

Sornie said...

I am utterly paranoid about parts of my meal being left on my face. I have stopped in the middle of very public places and siad in a loud voice to my wife "Do I have crap stuck on my face" or smile at her and say "Is there any junk stuck in my teeth" and I eagerly point out when she has remnants on her person.

Bone said...

I actually think it depends on how well you know the person. Say someone has something in their teeth.

If you don't know them well, you try not to say anything and hope it becomes dislodged or something.

If you're friends, you politely find a discreet way to let them know so that they can remove it and avoid further embarrassment.

If you're a couple and you've been together long enough, you just reach across the table and pick it out yourself :)