Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Hasselhoff*

Have you been missing the Hasselhoff? It's OK. You can admit it here. We're all friends. Well, here's your cure. Enjoy. And if you're anything like me, you'll spend the next hour scraping your jaw off the floor and trying to get the "what the hell" look off of your face.

Did you hear the dog bark track plugged in every once in a while? Go back and listen again. I dare you.

LOL @ a Hot Cup of Hoffee! And is it just me or does he have a little man boobie action going on? Sorry, I digress.

No need to thank me. I can feel the love. Warm, fuzzy puppy love.

*Please direct all Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or burned retina lawsuit claims to the Hasselhoff. Born-a-girl is exempt from all legal action heretoforeafterhithertotoo.


Logophile said...

Balou, you are cruel.
I feel dirty now, and not in that hot way either, ack
someone fetch me some visine

Dorky Dad said...


I actually have that first video on my computer and The Wife and I look at it every now and then. She "says" it's because she thinks it's "funny," but I know that she's had the hots for him since those Knight Rider days.

Riley said...

The sad thing is that I kept watching it even though I have no sound on my computer. Somehow I feel having lack of audio may have saved me from some permanent damage.

Balou said...

logo: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Captain Dorkenheimer: It takes a strong man to admit he has the Hasselhoff stored on his computer.

Riley: Believe me, be glad you don't have speakers.

lime said...

oh the horror!!!!!!!!!!

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

You silly humans look so yucky naked! We kitties on the other hand are gorgeous when we're not wearing our collars.

oh yeah! MEOW!!!

Balou said...

lime: Sorry, should've put a warning label on this post!

(answered by Gracie, Climber, Crash & Burn - balou's cats)
lulu: How right you are!

RennyBA said...

Hmmm well, I thought your hottest dream was a cop of coffee in Norway with a Viking;-)
If you comes May 1st next year, you can even demonstrate for your rights. Norway is very democratic you know:-)

morealyera said...

the audio's the best part - ooga chakka, ooga ooga ooga chakka!

Thanks for the chuckle, balou. (After the 8th or 9th time it doesn't hurt any more.)

Balou said...

renny: Having coffee with a Viking in Norway is much higher on my list than looking at a hot cup of Hoffee! Mountains higher. Mountain grown higher. ;)

Morea: That song does get caught in the brain repeater doesn't it?

The problem with having this entry is that I have to look at it far too many times. Time for something new!