Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Will Never Be Unemployable

I know this because if the guy I spoke with on the phone can work at Target, I am sure I will be able to don the red shirt of Target.

My usual source of ink cartridges went out of business. I had called the closest Target store and asked if they carried Epson ink cartridges and sure enough, they do. I went to the store only to find they were out of two of the five colors I need to complete a set. I asked where the next nearest Target was and was told Oakdale; another 20 minutes down the road. I called the Oakdale store to make sure they had my missing colors before I ventured further down the road with $3.10/gallon gasoline in the tank. I was transferred to the computer department. The conversation went as follows:

(TTG=Teenage Target Guy)

TTG: (with slight surfer dude accent) Hello, how can I help you?

Balou: I was just at the Hudson Target store and they are missing two colors of the Epson ink cartridges I need. I am calling to make sure you have what I need before I drive there.

TTG: We have Epson ink cartridges.

Balou: Could you check and make sure you have all 5 colors for the R300 printer?

TTG: Ummm, R300?

Balou: Yes. R300 is the type of Epson Stylus printer. It is printed on the box.

TTG: Ummm.

Balou: There is a picture of a guitar on the front.

TTG: (excitedly) Oh! Yaww! We have the guitar one.

Balou: Do you have the Light Cyan and Magenta available?

TTG: Yaww, we have those.

Balou: OK, thanks. I'm coming from Hudson. I know I need to go north on I-694 but what exit do I take?

TTG: Take Hwy 5.

Balou: Are you on the east or west side of the freeway?

(After a long pause...)

TTG: Umm. Which side does the sun come up again?

Balou: bwaaa haaa haaa haa ha hahaha ho ho ho hummm um. Are you serious?

(I can hear him asking a co-worker "Dude, are we east or west of the freeway?")

TTG: Yaww, it's the east side.

Balou: Thank you.

So, what side of the freeway does the sun come up in your neck of the woods?


lime said...

the sun comes up on the same side every day??? WOW!

Bone said...

Hmm, I think it depends on the freeway, right? ;)

Thanks for the laugh.

Dorky Dad said...

Hi. It's The Wife today, actually, filling in for DD.

Now that we have our own son, I look at all young men as slightly older versions of my lively little boy. Fortunately, I've avoided to date patting one of those aimiable red-shirted youngsters at Target on the head. But it will probably happen.

Logophile said...

Its good you will always have that to fall back on, even in your worst moments of disorientation you are still brighter than him on an average day, wow.
Poor kid.

Jocelyn said...

I'm with Lime. Huh?

You had no idea how complicated your closing question was, did you?

See, I live in a town situated on Lake Superior's North Shore, and one drives "up the shore" yet our town is somehow divided into East and West, and somedays I just end up crying so hard about it all that I don't even realize the sun has risen.

Lily said...

it's cloudy out...
the sun DIDN'T come up!

now what!

RennyBA said...

Yesterday it was the east side I think, but it's midnight here in Norway now, so I'll have to check tomorrow - okay?