Friday, July 27, 2007

Little Dog Syndrome

Poor Rico. He get's taunted and taunted by the neighbors little terrier that runs loose all the time across the road. Tucker the terrior feels free to wander around our yard and bark at Rico while he's in his kennel. Whenever we walk around our yard, Tucker is in their yard barking up at us - daring Rico to come over. Rico is in our yard off leash only when we are around and keeping an eye on him. Every once in a while Rico can't resist the calls and the 70 lb. German Shepherd decides to take Tucker the 10 lb. terrier up on his requests. It only takes a few seconds of turning our heads and Rico shoots across the road to the neighbors. Rico has done this 4 times in the last year. We usually know when it happens by the screams of terror Tucker lets out when he sees Rico running up their driveway. Rico has never hurt Tucker - he goes over and says hello while I'm sure Tucker is pissing in the spot he stands. Meanwhile Rico gets punished and Tucker barks at us the rest of the night. Little jerk of a dog.

My Three for today:
1. It finally cooled down a bit here. Windows are open and fresh air is blowing in.
2. Looks good for hot air ballooning tomorrow evening.
3. My toenails are still perfectly painted a week after the pedicure.

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Alicia said...

My 60 pound dog Jack has a new best friend...a 4 pound terrier, Abby. It's so funny to watch them play. Abby spends most of her time trying to jump up to Jacks mouth to give him a kiss. They are so fun to watch!