Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lieutenant Dan, you got new feet!

No, I didn't cancel the pedicure appointment. This was the first pedicure I have had and what a treat it was. I thought for sure I would have a hard time having someone handle my feet as I'm extremely ticklish. There was only a couple of times that I had to pull my foot away with a giggle. She scrubbed, soaked, buffed, massaged and cleaned up these old toeses and the nails are now a sparkly sunset orange. I found myself walking along and admiring my new feet. It reminded me of the line from the movie Forest Gump; "Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs!" Maybe that's what all those people are doing when they're walking along with their heads down - not looking at the ground to avoid eye contact but perhaps admiring their freshly pedicured toes?

And of course, because it's me and I'm a klutz, I smudged one of the nails before I got home. I walked in the house and fixed it with a drop of polish I had that is close in color, walk outside and immediately one of the cats steps right on that toe and smudges it again! I'll wait until later to fix it. My feet are now ready for the reunion! Now for the rest of me...argh!

My Three for today:
1. The humidity went away and it's a beautiful day!
2. Laughing with my sister.
3. Hearing an old friends voice again.

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