Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Off

Just clearing up the "to do" list before I take off for the weekend.

Clients happy and satisfied until Monday? Check.

Hubby has food and clean clothes? Check.

Entire wardrobe packed so my sister can help me figure out what to wear to the reunion tomorrow? Check.

Called and talked to my sisters before heading to Alex? Check. (Hubby gives me a hard time on this one - I always do this and he is always amazed that we still have things to talk about once I get there.)

Arrangements made for Saturday's visits in Chokio, Alberta & Morris? Check.

Presents and Great Aunt B hugs & kisses for my nieces kidlets in from Colorado packed? Check.

Butterflies in stomach about class reunion? Check.

Vodka, tonic water and lime wedges to kill butterflies on Saturday? Check.

Think I'm ready. Have a great weekend all! I will.

My Three for today:
1. Hubby said "your toes are pretty" for the first time ever.
2. Last night's sunset.
3. As of this morning, 13 lbs. down.


RennyBA said...

Good to know you are well prepared for the weekend - have a good one!

Jocelyn said...

Last things first: congrats on the 13 pounds down! I'm envious, as I'm currently waged in my ongoing battle with the stuff.

Nothing vodka and lime wedges can't help me forget, though.