Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Guessing Game

I got an email today from hubbie. I knew I was in for it when I saw the word in the subject of the email, "surprise." The email read, "I've got a surprise for you in my car. I hope you like it. If not I'll take it back. P.S. it's red!" He does this to torture me, I know it. I could almost hear his evil laugh as he hit the send key. OK, I wasn't that busy so let the guessing game begin.

Having been married to each other for 19 years and 126 days, you get to know each other pretty good. Sometimes we know each other so good it's practically at the level of ESP. We frequently will find ourselves saying "you read my mind" or "get out of my brain." This skill has helped me advance my guessing game skills, at least with him anyways.

I hit reply to the email and started thinking of the questions I needed to ask. I came up with:
Does it float?
Is it fun?
Is it dull?
Does it involve work?
Is it bigger than a breadbox?
He replied, "Put it a boat and it will float. Fun factor from a one to a ten, I'll give it a 2. It is dull, I think you'd have a hard time cutting yourself. I would say it's going to be more relaxing than work and we can both use it at the same time! And for your last question, yep."

It was my turn for the evil laugh. I knew what it was almost right away. I replied, "Is it from Nancy?" I don't think it was 30 seconds after I hit send that my phone started blaring out the song "Love Shack" (his ringtone). I answered the phone with "Am I good or what?"

A couple of years ago he brought home a beautiful set of bedding for our king size bed (comforter, skirt and pillow shams.) Nancy, the department secretary was redecorating and was getting rid of it. It was in perfect shape and a much nicer quality set than I would ever purchase. I think we sent some ESP waves to Nancy because about 3 weeks ago we were changing the bedding and I said, "Isn't it about time for Nancy to redecorate again?" I wonder if at that instant she decided she was tired of the red set?

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Sizzle said...

i need a nancy!