Friday, February 22, 2008

Small Town Folks

Change. I am so ready for a change. As anyone does, I often think about our life; where I've been, where we are and our future. Hubbie and I have talked about moving now and then. We like where we are but I could never envision us riding into the sunset from here.

At one time we were contemplating selling all we owned and just blindly moving to the UK. It was fodder for some adventurous conversations for about three weeks.

Then a few years ago arrived the possibility of a new job for hubbie at a company branch office in northwestern Minnesota. This was appealing to me as it was very close to the area where most of my family lives. He didn't get the position which, in hindsight, is a good thing as it wasn't right for him.

Now a new opportunity is on the horizon. We'll see how this pans out but it feels a lot better than the others. The seeds have been planted, it may happen soon, it may take a few years or it may not happen at all. That hasn't stopped us from making plans in case it does come to fruition. Need to have our dreams, right?

In all of our talks about moving there has always been one constant; we will live in a small town. If this works out, a very small town. Like a population of 400 small town. I'm so ready I've imaginary packed a few times. Yep, ready for a change.


Sizzle said...

Sounds promising!

dmarks said...

It does! Unless it's considered personal, I'm curious what small town. I know/know of so many.

Jen said...

Wow you're brave. I don't think I could ever live in a such a small town. But then again, as my grandfather says, there are people in this world for everything. I hope it does happen for you guys.

actonbell said...

The idea of relocating always appeals to me, and a small town in Minnesota sounds very pleasant, indeed. Well, except for the winters, but you obviously won't mind that, being from Wisconsin.
Good luck!

Alicia said...

Hmmm...very interesting. I want to hear more.

TC said...

I grew up in a small town of 700 in West Central Wisconsin... it's not a bad thing at all :)

Good luck with changes. We all need them from time to time.