Saturday, February 14, 2009


We recently had a new cat show up at our place. He and Rico are learning to co-exist but Big Cat has not learned that Rico's goal in life is to make things run so he can chase them. He is a herding dog after all. Big Cat fits his name - he is the largest cat I have ever seen. He isn't fat, just big. He's a neutered male, super lovey and is a gray tiger stripe but his black stripes are very wide. I know there's a name for the coloring but can't recall. I'll get a picture of him soon.

I was outside and kept hearing two cats meowing. One of them was our cat Crash, who as soon as I started calling "kitty, kitty, kitty", came running to me. But there was still one cat meowing. I happened to look up and low and behold, there was Big Cat, on top of the roof of our round barn. See the photo of the barn up in the header? Just above the big doorway, there is an old ladder nailed to the steep part of the roof. And where that ends, just to the right, there is a hole in the roof. That's where Big Cat was sitting. I can't imagine how the heck he got up there.

I told hubby last night and he left the office after a little while. About 10 minutes later he comes back with Big Cat in his arms. He had taken the big aluminum ladder, propped it up next to the barn by the old wooden ladder and coaxed Big Cat down. Super guy cat rescuer heart stealer. Big Cat was very appreciative, and so was balou.

Then, this morning, we were sleeping in late and I woke up to hubby touching the end of my nose. "Good morning, whatchya doin?" I asked. He said, "I've just been looking at how pretty you are." Heart melts, then I said, "What a nice way to be woken up on Valentines Day." And then he said, "Oh yeah! I forgot, it's Valentines Day isn't it?" Better than any old Hallmark and bouquet of flowers. I am a very lucky girl indeed.


Alicia said...

Aunt Balou and Uncle Balou are the sweetest! Happy Valentines DaY! I cannot wait to see this cousin "Big Cat" you talk about. Miss you guys!

Sarah said...

Now , you have a lovely man !! Happy Valentines! S

kmkat said...

You are indeed a lucky lady. Happy heart day!

grrl+dog said...


That's all you need.. not hallmark but a real moment.

actonbell said...

That's wonderful! You have everything. I love to read such happy posts.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like it even better that he said that NOT knowing:)