Tuesday, February 20, 2007

$100+ for Two Skeins of Yarn?

$100 for two skeins of yarn! Not quite...here's the story. I've been crocheting and knitting hats quite a bit this winter. I made a pile of them for Christmas, made several for myself and recently made one each for my neighbor and her daughter.

The 18 year old daughters hat is a fun chunky multi-colored yarn with earflaps and a tassle on top. It has now been christened "the farting hat" because when my neighbor brought it home to her, she was so excited she farted. She'd die of embarrassment if anyone else knew about this because you know 18 year old girls never fart. Neighborinos hat is a brown and black Homespun with black fun fur worked in the bottom 3 inches.
Neighborinos mother-in-law now wants one in red with black fur so we decided to make an evening of dinner and a trip to the craft store for two skeins of yarn. Remember that...two skeins of yarn.

We first stopped for dinner at a favorite restaurant and had a nice meal, were impressed with the magic disappearing waiter and drank what I figure to be 1 quart of iced tea each. After dinner we drove down the road to the craft store for my two skeins of yarn.

This shopping center is large, full of strange twisty roads and roundabouts and generally confusing enough that you have to drive by almost every store in the place to get anywhere. Actually, it's pretty smart thinking by the developer/architect as their strategy worked on us. We both saw "World Market" at the same time and
neighborinos car automatically pointed it's nose towards the parking lot in front. It's a favorite of ours. After much ooohing and aaahing and "hey, that's on clearance!" I walked out with a purse, a scarf, a "crocheted in China" frog, a box of tea and a table runner. Note there was no yarn in that bag.

We hopped in the car and drove down to the craft store. Now, all we need is two skeins of yarn but I grab a cart. We ooohed and aaahed over the garden & yard trinkets that replaced the clearance Christmas items. A sure sign of spring. We found our way to the yarn department and spotted our two items, red yarn and black fun fur, they dropped into the cart. I turned around and there was the yarn I needed another skein to finish a cap I was working on - in the cart. Here's another skein I needed one more of for a different cap - in the cart. I can't go to this store without stopping by the remnant fabric bins so two remnants of cute prints and two remnant rolls of fleece - in the cart. We checked out and started heading out of the center.

Neighborino sees JC Penney - "oooh, let's stop there!" I was game. I think fate was on our side there because just as we got out of the car, a woman parked in front of us said the store was closed as they were taking inventory. Whew! They don't sell yarn there either!

So we got on the freeway and headed back home. Once we got over the border
neighborino said "We should stop at Maurice's so I can look at this pair of jeans daughter wants me to buy for her." Again, I think fate was on our side as we walked up and the store had closed 5 minutes before.

We get into the car and
neighborino says "Ooops! Almost forgot. Need to go to Fleet Farm to get bait for ice fishing." So off we go. I wanted to stop there too since I looking for a kennel for Rico and they were on sale this week. We walked in the door - fish bait to the left, dog kennel to the right. Good price on the kennel so that found it's way in the vehicle for the ride home. We also stopped at a new grocery store to check it out but it had also closed. THEN we headed home.

And that's how two skeins of yarn ended up costing over $100. It was a fun evening though! Thanks neighborino!

(I can see hubby rolling his eyes and shaking his head when he reads this!) ;)


Kayla said...

BARB!!! You posted that!!! I thought it was just an e-mail that mom had sent me!!! Agh! hehehe, it is kinda funny though isn't it?

Balou said...

Yes I did. Thanks for the laughs chickadee!