Monday, February 26, 2007

Cabin Fever

This time of year I just want to hitchhike to Florida and live in a tent on a beach somewhere. I want to feel sunshine warm my bones and fall asleep in a hammock listening to waves licking the beach. My sister just got back from a wonderful trip to Mexico. I'm sure she's all tan and refreshed. I need that.

I'd love to be a "snow-bird" when we retire. Have a little place on a lake in Minnesota in the summer then point the motor home South in November and leave the frozen tundra behind for the young & hearty. Then we'd come back North in late April. It's a nice little day dream and right now feels about a trillion-zillion miles away.

UPDATE: It must be the official "bad mood day" today. I finished posting the above and then started going through my linkyloos to find some positive inspiration to help lift me out of this snowy rut. But no! It seems EVERYONE is having a bad day. Even the most positive blogger I know, Mary M Bauer, is having a bad day. I think I'm just going to go hide in the corner until spring. Wait, Ms. Sizzle saves the day with some fun angst about the Oscars.


Rusty Nails said...

Found ya through your post at It Really is A Dogs Life. I with ya about the beach and tent. When does the bus leave?! I'm sooo ready for summer! Take heart, only a month 'til spring and another 3 after that 'til summer.

Logophile said...

We finally have another sunny day but my kids are not feeling well so I don't get to be out enjoying.
Come oooooon, sunshine!

Bone said...

I blogged about the beach, too :) But seems like half the people I read are having snow.

Balou said...

Rusty: Thanks for stopping by! If I only had a Magic School Bus...

Logo: And thank you for stopping by! Spring just can't come soon enough.

Bone: If I had known you were coming, I'd have baked a cake! That snowstorm reached all across the country. I think it was filled with negative ions or something. ;)

Sornie said...

I don't know if I could ever leave behind the Minnesota winters. As much as they suck to drive in, I like seasons but secretly want to go to hawaii for a week.

Mary said...

Hey there Sunshine,

The world is finally "right" again but only AFTER I read your post! Thanks for the warm, luxurious summery "slap" that released me from the icy clutches of the "dark" side.

Friends -- there's nothing like them.

By the way, when does the Winnebago hit the road? Save me a seat.


Balou said...

Sornie: Spring, Summer, Fall, Summer - I don't know, sounds pretty darn good to me! Thanks for stopping by!

Mary: Ahhh. Life is right again. ;) The Winnebago (a.k.a. "The Magic Schoolbus") takes off in 10 minutes. Grab your towel and I'll be right there.