Sunday, February 11, 2007

Covert Invitation

Everyone knows one. The neighbor, co-worker, relative who is always trying to get you to join in with their money-making schemes. Mine happens to be a neighbor and a former co-worker. She started out with Tupperware. The invitations to her house were never just for coffee or a chat or a fun night with the girls- which I would have thoroughly enjoyed - but she usually had an alterior motive which involved her selling Tupperware to me or trying to get me to have a party. I am home party free and plan to stay that way.

I haven't heard much from her lately so when I got her call the other night, it was a pleasant surprise. I knew it wasn't Tupperware related as I had heard she stopped selling it. She wanted to get together with a few others at a local bar that night. She called it a "napkin exchange." What the heck is a napkin exchange? Apparently you bring a napkin from your house to this get together - for what reason I have no idea. I was suspicious. I told her I'd see how I felt later and give her a call. It was after all ten degrees below zero and there better be fun people, a "hot toddy" and no money making schemes involved if I'm going to wander out in this weather. She called back later and decided to IM chat with a group of people instead. We set up a 7:30pm chat time.

At 7:30 I go to the computer and she and I are the only ones there. As soon as I type in "Hi!" this paragraph pops up with very scripted text "I'm so glad you could all make it tonight..." Huh? It's just you and I honey. Then it went on asking if "I was interested in learning how to own my life..." then started describing a pyramid type scheme. I put the kabosh on it right away, told her I had better things to do tonight and please do not present me with covert invitations like this in the future. I wonder if she'll ever call again. Argh!

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