Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feeling Lucky

Last night we had two storms tear through this neck of the woods. First one came through about 10:00 with big winds, lightening and much needed rain. The second one came through about midnight with bigger winds, lightening and more much needed rain and took down a pine tree and a large chunk of another tree. Hubby & I were up at 2:30 a.m. trimming grape vine from the electrical lines so we could get power to the house again.

Of all the places that pine tree could've fallen, it picked the perfect spot. Any other direction it could've broken the electric wires going to the house, or landed on my office, or taken the windmill or another tree with it. So we are feeling a bit lucky. It actually did us a favor to fall - we've been wanting to get rid of that one. It's right next to the concord grape vine covered windmill and the overhead electric lines going into the house. The grape vine had grown into this tree as well.

The other tree, a Chinese Elm, is one of our favorites. It is very old and hangs over the driveway so nice. It took a big chunk out of the tree so not sure if it will be safe to leave the rest up.

Good news is the grapes are ripe so I've got easy access to a bunch of them laying on the ground. Grape jelly anyone? We decided last night the concord grape vine is coming off the windmill. Will try transplanting some canes and start it elsewhere. It was planted there during WWII so would like to save it.


lime said...

holy moley! lucky indeed!

RennyBA said...

Sounds dramatic - there has been a lot of extreme weather in Norway this summer too - not that bad wind, but a lot of rain.

Good to know you are safe and sound then!

Grape jelly: yes please!

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. Sorry you got hit so hard. But that definitely could have been worse!

We had that same storm come through ... one brushed us on one side, the other the next day brushed us on the other. And we have numerous trees right next to the house.

Logophile said...

Exactly where you needed it to fall?
Wow, how often does THAT happen?
Mmmm, grape jelly...

Sornie said...

A close call, we missed all but the Friday night storms that took out our electricity for about 12 hours but we are in the far SW metro.

actonbell said...

Yowza! Some pruning goin' on, there! You certainly were lucky.

Bone said...

Glad you all are OK.

I like the horseshoes on the gas tank :)