Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Wheels

In eleven days I'll take ownership of my "new to me" wheels. A '98 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. It looks like the car in the photo above. I'm so excited! Hubby and I will need to take a road trip soon. One of our wandering trips where we don't have a clue where we'll end up. I'll be squeezing in as much as I can before we pack it away for the winter. Then old trusty rusty mini van will carry me over the salty winter roads.

I was going to wait until I met my weight goal to get a convertible but when one of our friends decided to sell their car and for one heck of a deal, we couldn't pass it up. So NOW what will be my carrot dangling at the end of the stick? Or maybe I should say karat? I bet when hubby reads that he chokes on his coffee. Don't worry hon, I'm not turning all high maintenance on you. I hope this isn't a mid-life crisis I'm going through. Pedicures, convertible, gym membership, diamond dreams...uh, oh.


Logophile said...

Just don't start wearing gold chains and picking up teenagers, I beg of you
No danger there?

Balou said...

Logo - No danger there. I like 'em older. ;)

Bone said...

Oh cool! The only "convertible" I ever had was Jeep Wrangler. It was a little tedious to "convert" but it was lots of fun.