Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Say Ahhhh

I don't know where my head was at a few months ago when I made appointments. Really, who in their right mind would schedule, all in the same week, an annual doctors exam on Wednesday, a dentist appointment on Thursday and a mammogram on Friday? Had I been truly on the ball, I would have squeezed in the eye doctor appointment on Tuesday. It's a good thing I'm self employed, the boss didn't give me much hassle about the appointments. She is making me work late though.

I've been seeing this doctor for the past two years. She is a good match for me. I walk in with my check list of concerns and questions and she follows through with all of them. She's personable yet professional and takes care of business. Unlike one of my former doctors that thought it was great to chit chat while he was probing my nether regions, she's in and out of there in no time.

She was especially pleased with me when I told her about my appointment this morning. I joined a new fitness center that opened up a mile down the road. A young Mom/Personal Trainer/Iron Man Competitor built a fitness center in their back yard.
Entrepreneurs - gotta love 'em! Twice a week I'll be working on the weight machines to build muscle and the stepper for a cardio workout. Then on Wednesdays I'll be at the Yoga/Pilates class. On the days it's not so blasted hot and I have time, I'll walk to the fitness center. It's 1.6 miles from my door to hers. I am excited to get started!

Maybe if I call right now I can get in at the eye doctor on Friday after the mammogram.


RennyBA said...

You really show the efficiency of being self employed here Balou - your new doctor seams to be a scope.

Good luck with your building muscles and the meetings too!

and of course a great end to your week:-)

eduardo waghorn said...

Hi Balou!!
Great blog.
It is incredible where you can get if you beguin to blogging:))
Warm greetings from Chile.
You can visit me (and of course make your comment) if you are confortable...
Not speak spanish? I got a translator:)

Jocelyn said...

I dunno--it's kind of cool to get all the maintenance work done in one big week. Then you don't have to think about it for awhile...except the daily fitness maintenance, of course.

Sornie said...

Sounds to me like you are punishing yourself in some way with all those appointments back to back to back. May the weekend be more relaxing...

Dan said...

she's in and out of there in no time.


And good for you for joining the fitness center! Hugs.

Logophile said...

I'm glad your boss is so reasonable.
I like the local fitness center thing.
Im really trying to get that whole exercise thing going...again.
Good for you!