Sunday, August 12, 2007


Every Sunday I like to go check the new secrets for the week at Here's a video posted on there this week. Check out his site next week. It's a great study of human nature.


Dorky Dad said...

That whole thing is rather creepy, in a way -- interesting, especially the one about "everyone who knew me before 9-11 believes I'm dead." Fascinating stuff.

Logophile said...

You know, I go there just about every Sunday and check it out.
I don't think I prefer the video approach myself.
People's secret can sure make you wonder, eh?

Balou said...

DD - Some of the postcards he shows on his blog are a bit too much in my book but it's real. Sometimes I cover my eyes and page down. ;)

Logo - I agree, I hope he doesn't continue with the You Tube video version. Hopefully he'll go back to just posting the postcard images.