Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guerrilla art under foot

Susan Sanford of the blog ArtSpark Theatre inspired me. Susan created some wonderful art sticks with the intention of sending them to other bloggers and documenting their placement for others to find. What a great idea. She calls it "guerrilla art." I've just recently discovered Susan's blog and in a recent post, one of the art stick recipients shared her story of it's placement. Susan is an extremely talented illustrator and sells some of her designs on wearable art through redbubble.

Since I was going up to visit my family this weekend in Alexandria, Minnesota, I thought I'd make my own art stick (no where near the quality of Susan's) and perform a random act of art or guerrilla art. I decided to leave it "under foot" at a fairly well known landmark which is frequented by visitors to the area.

He's their 28 foot tall Nordic superman known as Big Ole.

Note: Birthplace of America you ask? An interesting claim from a town in central Minnesota. The claim is based on a rock discovered near Alexandria with cryptic carvings, the "Kensington Runestone." The 200-pound stone, was supposedly "placed in Douglas County by the Vikings in 1362," according to the Kensington Runestone Museum. It hasn't been proven to be authentic, nor disproven. But it may explain the stories of the blue eyed Mandan Indians living in ancient Norwegian-style structures and having knowledge of Christianity before the settlers arrived. It is thought the ancient Nordic mariners traveled to Minnesota via the Hudson Bay and great lakes. Why they kept hiking from Lake Superior all the way to west central Minnesota with this big rock though... (wink, wink)


ArtSparker said...

Wow, that is so cool. I will link to you in my tuesday post with a little teaser as I am posting more sticks then.

dmarks said...

I like these giant statue things. I've seen a few Paul Bunyans around. And you probably must remember those Happy Chef statues.

But Alexandria... Birthplace of America? About as likely as Galesville, Wisconsin being the original Garden of Eden.

Balou said...

ArtSparker - I can't wait to see your creations.

dmarks - I added a note to the post that explains this. Somewhere in Wisconsin there is a giant statue graveyard, or we should call it a retirement home. I'm going to have to find that and do a story on it.

Riley said...

I see your Ole and raise you the Ginat 33-foot high Stainless Steel Jesus from Sioux City, Iowa. He still lives with his mother there, although she is only about 30-feet tall.

I found some barbed wire today on the walk and "The Minnow" found a grand stick for preparing and hanging in the ArtSparker method. I look forward to locating the proper installations.

Jocelyn said...

The art sticks are way fun.

So, um, Alexandria? Wow! Do you know my friends Kirsi and Chris?

(I love that kind of when I was 18 and on an exchange program, and someone from Chicago heard I was from Montana and asked, "Do you know Bob?")

Anyhow, they don't live in Alexandria anymore, but Chris' family does.

And with that, I bow out.

Jeanne/sis said...

Give me a KLEENEX, I'm in tears LOL, from most of these comments,('specially' Riley's!!)
Cool idea, I'll be WATCHING!!

grrl+dog said...

another guerrilla grrl! Hello to you. Did you stick around to see what happened to your random act of art

Jeanne/sis said...

Oh, and I was "thinking",....what if a BIRD picks it up to make it's nest "oh so PRIITTY"? But, they're not making nest's this time of year..(said the "gourd-bird-house-lady") "PHEW".....oh, but, wait, there's racoons...possibly?.oh, wait, they're SLEepPing this time of year.....MICE! THERE's ALWAYS MICE!! What if a mouse takes it to her/his house!?
(i put the "her" before the "his", cuz I'm like that!)Well, good luck little, cute, random-act-of-art stick!! Love it!!

Balou said...

Riley - Too funny! Pretty soon you're going to have us flying to New York and leaving a gift behind for Lady Liberty. (although I think you'd probably be hauled into jail and questioned what that wired up stick was all about)

Jocelyn - Most of the family ended up there. I actually grew up an 60 miles south of Alex. My sister has lived there for 30+ years and knows most everyone - I bet she'd recognize the last name the name.

Jeanne - I guess if a crow was determined, it could probably be pried out from under Ole's foot. He may get scared by the jingle bell at the end. Keep an ear out for a jingling noise in the sky. It may not be Santa but a crow flying with one fancy stick in his beak.

grrl+dog - Hi! Thanks for dropping by! It was a chilly day and not much tourist activity that day so no, I didn't. My niece was going to check this week and see if it's still there.

Rose said...

It's still there! :) I checked last night.