Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Enquiring minds want to know

Big Ole is NOT anatomically correct.

(OK, so I suck at Wordless Wednesday. I need words
and now apparently, I need sound effects too.)


Jack said...

Big Ole is NOT anatomically correct

No wonder he looks unhappy. ;) Happy Thanksgiving.

Riley said...

I think the Rune Stone could have been carried to Alexandria pretty quickly given the stature of the Vikings represented by Big Ole.

KFarmer said...

Poor Ole... :)

Minnesota Matron said...

Ah, the Matron has family in Alec, too! My stepmother grew up there and her sisters all live there, still. I've spent many a summer day on one lake or another.

Rose said...

No one mentions how weird it is that he's wearing a mini skirt! ;)

Jocelyn said...

You completely climbed up his skirt.

Viking whore.

Balou said...

Jack - Hey! Thanks stopping by. Are you the famed first commenter over at Citizen of the World? I'm honored.

Riley - Well now, I didn't think of that before. I guess for Big Ole the Runestone would've been like us carrying a laptop around.

KFarmer - Poor, poor Ole. Maybe his stuff froze off. Gets darn cold up there.

MN Matron - Alec and lakes go together. Thanks for stopping by!

Rose - Quite the fashion statement isn't it?

Jocelyn - Bwahahahahaha!! Thanks for the laugh!

actonbell said...

LOL! So, you found out the answer to THAT question (even if he ain't a Scotman)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! You are a very funny woman! (You had me with the "Drinking with the Stars" comment on my post!)