Thursday, November 13, 2008

PostSecret dipped in Chocolate

While watching a segment on the local morning news program, I discovered there is a PostSecret exhibition on display at the library in downtown Minneapolis. It is a traveling exhibition of 400 postcards illustrating people's innermost secrets. Often, the artwork is just as compelling as the secret.

For those not familiar, PostSecret is a community art project started by Frank Warren. It invites people to anonymously share a secret on a postcard and send it to him. Mr. Warren has published several books of select "secrets." He also posts several of the postcards on his PostSecret blog each Sunday.

I've often heard of people bringing in their own secrets to these displays and even placing their postcard secrets in the PostSecret books in bookstores and libraries. I think I have to get busy and bring a secret along.

I don't get into the big city very often so I'm excited to be adding the PostSecret exhibition to my previously scheduled attendance of the Twin Cities Chocolate Extravaganza. Lucky me, I am receiving two free tickets from a client to the show. I wonder if they are golden. A fellow chocolate lover and I are going to luxuriate in an exhibition hall full of chocolatiers and purveyors of chocolatey goodness. I am imagining the smell I will encounter once walking through the doorway to the chocolate room. I guess it's no secret that I love chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're posting everyday! :) I get sooo excited when I see there is a new blog post from you up.

-Love Rosie!

ArtSparker said...

The Holidays are coming my opinion, a great time for guerrilla art/putting messages out into the world.

Bill Stankus said...

Hey! Thanks for the stop-by and leaving such nice comments.

To quote someone, "I'll be back". At least I think that's a quote.


actonbell said...

Lucky you, indeed! This sounds heavenly. Have a great time:)

lime said...

ya know i saved the very same postsecret card when i saw it this week. it just touched me.

and a chocolate convention???? i soooo need to go to one of those.

teahouse said...

I love PostSecret. That's pretty cool that there's going to be an exhibit in Minneapolis.

KFarmer said...

Its been while since I visited PS. Thanks for the reminder. I agree w/the post card :)