Monday, December 08, 2008

Bug Eyed Pajama Day

I had an installer here all day Friday to install two additional satellite receivers. It was interesting to watch how he handled our situation with an old house. He had to run some long lengths of wire and drill through 112 years of layers to get us up and running. There is some wire laying on the yard that will need to be buried by more than just snow. We will take care of that when the ground thaws in the spring.

As a bonus for the add-ons, we are getting HBO and Starz movie channels free of charge for three months. We subscribe to the basic channels along with our local TV stations. The movie channels are a big treat. So guess what we did yesterday? We stoked up the wood stove, wrapped up in blankets and watched movies all day in pajamas. Hubby did sacrifice himself and put real clothes on to go outside and play with Rico and do outside things for a bit. All I accomplished besides movie watching was to make one meal and finish up a guerrilla art project that's going over to the UK (more on that tomorrow).

What movies did we watch? After a while they all become this pixelated blur in the memory but I think we watched "National Treasure Book of Secrets" twice, "American Gangster", "The Last Mimsy" and bits and pieces of others. I feel like a bug eyed slug this morning. Is there such a thing as TV overdose?


Bill Stankus said...

And, of course, you were saturated with tons of subliminal messages - "TV good, everything else bad", "Watch ME, Watch ME Watch ME Watch ME"... that sort of thing. Soon you will be one of "THEM"!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

While I love the IDEA of all that movie watching while bundled, I know how it makes me feel so I totally have to cut myself off after a double feature!

Jocelyn said...

See ya in three months, then, hon.

When I stay places with any kind of cable, I end up bleary-eyed and half-crazed, but at least I can pride myself on not missing a single house flip or near-miss wedding on any channel, at any hour.

In_spired said...

From sheer boredom, I agreed to play the "Reindeer Game" through the month of December.

Dorky Dad was the ninth on my blogroll. You are the ninth on his blogroll. I am to wish you happy holidays and hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Peace to your household...

Count down NINE blog names on YOUR blog roll (for nine reindeer, get it?) Click and count down nine names on THAT blogroll. Click again and leave a comment. Remember this month only, with every comment. an angel gets his wings!

ArtSparker said...

Can't wait to see your guerrilla art piece.