Monday, December 22, 2008

Have a Barney of a Christmas

1. Get a ruler.

2. Watch this:

3. Quickly, measure how far your jaw dropped. I had 3 inches.

4. Please tell me this is not our tax dollars hard at work.


Bill Stankus said...

First, you should have included a warning ..ya know, like the G, PG, R and X thing.

I lasted about 58 seconds before hitting the reject button.

Jaw dropping? Yes, Soon enough that horrid movie, "Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave." will be over.

Riley said...

I kept looking to see if these were great look-a-like actors, but no, they were the real McCoy.

How much do you think that little holiday piece cost us?

How much do you think it costs to decorate the White House?

I feel a post coming on....

KFarmer said...

I was too busy biting my lip bottom lip... {That's what I do when I know better than to open my BIG MOUTH :{}

btw, my word verification is whollar ;)

ArtSparker said...

"You may not care for me any more, but what about my sweet little dog?"

I wish I could send my cat to traffic court for me.

If Barney dreams, I'm pretty sure it's about more media he can sink his teeth into.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

oh man. AT least now I can say I "toured the White House."

cube said...

Every administration decorates the White House for Christmas. The Bush family has played up a short film featuring Barney, Beazley & India every year. The year they put a camera on Barney was a bit of a disaster.

The Obama decorations will be waaaaaaay cool and hip.

RennyBA said...

Doesn't look good so thanks for the warning - my reaction was at least as yours.

Wishing you and the family A Wonderful Holiday Season :-)

Grey said...

They did this EVERY DAMNED YEAR. Yep, our tax dollars at work! Ugh.

Bone said...

Wow. Yeah, I'm just gonna keep quiet on this one.

When is Inauguration Day again?

Sornie said...

If ti hadn't been about the president, it wouldn't have been so appalling but knowing that I paid for a part of it, I feel sick and angry.

kmkat said...

I posted this stupid video, too. "Can you say clueless, cheesy, and inane, not to mention unbelievably amateurish? Kind of like the past eight years."

Sarah said...

Oh Good Grief!!!!! Now that is hideous in every conceivable way.... S

grrl+dog said...

I made it to a minute 39.

You forgot to say, quick go get a bucket.
Is the ruler to hit yourself with for wasting precious seconds of your life watching this?
June Cleaver would be so proud.

Thanks Balou for keeping it weird.