Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guerilla Art Appreciation & Knit-Ups

There are as many reasons to perform or install guerilla art as there are forms in which it takes. For most of us, the first form that pops into mind is graffiti. Some of the other forms of guerilla art, at least the ones I have heard of include: sidewalk chalk, stickers, stenciled art, sculptures, flyers & posters, postcards, leave behinds such as art or gifts or money, inserts in books at libraries or book stores, or the well known message in a bottle. Subject matters of guerilla art are just as varied including: drawings, collage, doodles, paintings, beaded sticks, recipes, photos, good luck charms, secrets, humor, fortunes, quotes, poems, political or activist messages.

I recently discovered a new form of guerilla art from the talented Susan Sanford's blog, ArtSpark Theatre. Susan is a extraordinary illustrator and the creator of the art sticks I've mentioned in previous posts. She also brought to my attention another blogger, Grrl+Dog from Australia.

Grrl+Dog's blogger profile reads, "Grrl + Dog runs with scissors, colors outside the lines and barks with her own voice. She commits random acts of guerrilla knitting in the inner west of Sydney and is growing old disgracefully." She creates and installs wonderful guerilla art "knit-ups" in public places for all to enjoy. How could you not smile when coming upon a sign post wearing a knit-up. She usually has tags with notes on them as well. Here are a few examples of her installations from her blog (photos courtesy of grrl):

It's the blogger way to go from blog to blog to blog isn't it? ArtSpark posted a call for knit-ups to go to an Arts & Crafts Centre for people with learning disabilites in the UK. Another blogger, this disordered life, works at the center. Since I am a faster and more talented crocheter than knitter, I put together a piece of guerilla art/knit-up/crochet-up/graknitti for a pole at the center and sent it off yesterday. They requested the pieces have varied textures as some of the visitors have low or no vision so I added ruffles and bells. Here's some music (hit play) & a show:

After my Christmas gifts are made up, I'll be working on an installation for the 4"x4" post under the stop sign at the end of our road. Although trying to figure out how to add a 'from the car readable' version of "& smell the roses" to it is becoming a challenge.

Here's a video of some Guerilla Art Knitters from the U.S.:

Be on the lookout. You may be passing by a form of guerilla art every day and not even notice it. And if you see a funky stop sign post on County Road J, know balou is not too far away.


lime said...

i LOVE this! rogue knitters. how cool is that?

ArtSparker said...

Wow, that is an amazing piece. I still have to start mine.

The Stop sign piece is poetic, because it's a visual rhyme. I wonder if you could substitute pictures for "nose" & "roses", appliqued, to save space? Just a thought.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've never heard of such a thing--it's so--really--I'm at a loss for words it's so FUN and SURREAL and WONDERFUL.

Balou said...

lime - Oooh - I like "rogue knitters." Maybe I'll start a gang of yarn flingers and soft tag western wisconsin. ;)

ArtSparker - Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. I like your idea of using imagery instead of words. Great idea! And thanks again for introducing me to this.

Green Girl - Wanna join my gang? ;)

notmassproduced said...

Hey Balou - weare so looking forward to getting our poles kitted up in in those stripes - they are fab . thanks so much x

Sarah said...

Wow !! This is excellent ! I wish I could knit.I think I might try and do something else "guerilla".S

Jocelyn said...

Knitting for poles makes me hugely happy.

I think the way I make cookies may be guerilla art.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Oh, how fun!!!

Daisy said...

Graffiti knitters -- gotta love it!