Thursday, December 18, 2008


Below is an email I received from a friend/former co-worker who should have her own blog because she is a great story teller with a wicked sense of humor. With four very amusing kids, a husband, a job and a farm with interesting critters, she has great fodder for entertaining stories. I can't imagine how she gets everything done on a daily basis and fitting in time to sleep. Maybe a blog will come later when a few more kidlets get into school full-time. I'll keep working on her. Her oldest son, Cody, is nine years old...

Cody had a little buddy call him tonight. They are busy making big plans about how they are going to start to save $100 a year so when they are 17 they will have $1,700 and will be able to buy a big truck and have enough gas that they can travel all over the US to go hunting for big animals.... blah, blah. Very detailed oriented. Anyway, Brandon (his friend) had to "call Cody back" cuz he had to eat supper. In the meantime, Chuck asked Cody what Brandon's last name was and Chuck said, "Ooooohhhhhh.... that must be balou & her hubby's neighbors." So fast forward 15 minutes... Cody was just sitting here gabbing with Brandon again and as I walk by I hear him say...

"Hey, do the people who live by you have a round shaped barn that has a round shaped roof with an antenna or spear thingy on top of it?"
"Yeah? Well that is my Mom's friend!"
"Yeah. My dad likes to go in their hot air balloon that has all the rainbow colors in it."
[long pause]
"HEY! Did you know that that lady that lives by you is missing a FINGER?!!"
[short pause]
"YEAH!!! Only 4... but you can't really tell. She showed me."
"No, I am totally serious dude."
"I WAS counting her thumb. Geez!"
"No, she didn't care. She showed me and my brother. And she was laughing. Aaaaaannnnd.... SHE HAS A CONVERTIBLE!!!"

Oh balou, your legend lives on here! :-)

I am big with nine year olds. I wonder if I added another chapter to the legend of balou after a school bus full of kids drove by a couple of days ago. It was -10˚ and I was walking outside from my office to the my purple wizard bathrobe...wearing snow boots...and a stocking cap...with a cat on my shoulder. By now I am probably known as "that fingerless crazy cat lady who does magic in the round barn."


KFarmer said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the good morning laugh! You are fantastic :)

kath said...

Oh yes, I just took the garbage out wearing snow boots, cashmere lounging pants, a long woolen nightie, green coat and scarf, leather gloves and a grey bucket hat.

No cat though, I should have come here first to find out how to make the "crazy neighbour lady" ensemble complete!

Thanks for visiting us today.

(My word verification is "attered", yes, I think it is perfect, we were properly attered, those other folk are improperly attired!)

Bill Stankus said...

My name is Art Linkletter and don't kids say the darndest things?

Prunella Jones said...

My dad used to love to make those "pull my finger" jokes. If he could have freaked people out by actually missing a finger his head probably would've exploded from enjoyment.

Rose said...

My my gosh that's awesome! Balou in the round barn:

"Petrificus Totalus Felinus!"

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is AWESOME. You are even more fascinating today.

Kathleen Riley said...

Your wizard robe and cat perched atop your shoulder only intrigues the little darlings. Be certain to give them a four finger salute -- including the thumb. Oh "9" how we enjoy you and your education of the little darlings as to the eccentricities of aging.

Jeanne said...

Oh my god, that's a cute story!! Let's hope those 2 boys never see the picture of your PILOT IN HIS TU-TU flying thru the air in downtown St.Paul!! Or, maybe they should, oooohhh I wonder what they would say!!! ha!! You're a sweety, love ya!

ArtSparker said...

I just introduced grrl + dog to the James Thurber story "the Black Magic of Barney Haller" which your last sentence brings to mind. I love impressing small children.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for a good laugh - what a prosperous start to the wild world of blogsphere :-)

cube said...

A missing finger, a purple wizard robe and a cat on your shoulder... nevermind 9 year olds, I wish I lived next door ;-)