Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashion faux pas?

Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images

I couldn't decide on the caption so choose your favorite or add your own:

1. I think there's probably an opening for a Republican power shopper.

2. Looks like there's an infiltrator in the Republican personal shopper brigade.

3. I think we know who Sarah's secretly votin' for. She's a maverick.

4. On sale now at a Goodwill near you.

Here's a little more info on the scarf from Newsweek blog.


KFarmer said...

I heard Joss and couldn't think of anything to add to your list. It was time to get up and boogie~ She is one of my all time favorites :)

Sornie said...

America's newest fashion criminal dons Tina Fey's glasses.

Riley said...

How to make an ass of yourself.
I'll hug your elephant if you'll kiss my ass.
Alaskan Elephants.
True Colors.

Thank you for sharing!

lime said...

since you said i inspired the background i came to check it. LOVE the crazy quilt. beautiful

actonbell said...

I can't wait to stop hearing about her. Six more days, yahoooooo!