Friday, October 10, 2008

Strange Tastes

I wonder why it is I like the foods that most people wrinkle their noses at? Is it some sort of genetic thing? I know my love for stinky fish comes from my family. We all love a good smoked whitefish and pickled herring. Oyster stew is also a family holiday tradition. It's the good Norwegian in us don'tchya know.

When shopping for groceries, I can't seem to pass up the smoked oysters or the kipper snacks. I was strangely excited while at Trader Joe's the other day I found smoked oysters and smoked herring at a better price than my local store! See? Even now when I'm writing about it I want to use an exclamation point! That's weird isn't it? And when I discovered they were of much better quality than my local stores' options, I was beyond myself ecstatic! I wanted to call someone with my great news but knew no one that would appreciate it.

I also love cooked spinach, brussel sprouts, liver and onions (with mustard) and blue cheese. I've never tried it but I'm guessing I would love that stinkiest of cheeses, Limburger. And then there's my spicy factor...I love spicy foods too. Anything with Szechuan in front of it is my choice at Asian restaurants. Chili, the spicier the better. Although I have to calm down my chili since the hubby doesn't have the same love of spicy foods. I have brought tears to his eyes a few times with my chili.

What strange food tastes do you have?


Jocelyn said...

First off, I have been missing you and your sensibility--you crack me up--for too long. Where the hell have I been?

I'm back now, here to tell you that even though I'm pretty strongly Northern European by heritage, I missed out on the herring gene. I think the Guiness/hard cider gene from my Irish/Scottish side dominates.

Weird food things for me? Hmm. I used to eat Ranch dressing on egg noodles.

That was more an issue of having no money, though.

Okay, I'm lying: I loved it.

Alicia said...

I like sushi...a lot! I had never really tried it (probably because others said it was gross) until we moved to Virgina over a year ago. Now I can't wait to go out to get it. But, as a member of your family, I also love me some pickled herring. :)

Another weird thing I like is nacho cheese Doritos dipped in cottage cheese. Really, I'm not pregnant!

My hubby's weird thing, that he doesn't thing is weird, is kethup on everything including ham and chicken.

Jeanne said...

not so "wierd",maybe, but sometimes I get a craving for peas,straight out of the cold can,and, eat ALL of it!