Friday, October 24, 2008

Karen Armstrong - TED Talks

I subscribe to a podcast from TED is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. These TED talks are inspiring, educating, new idea generating, studies on humanity, thought provoking and the list goes on. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the speakers and their ideas worth spreading. Every year TED talks awards prizes to visionaries. One of the three 2008 TED Prize winners is Karen Armstrong.

Karen Armstrong, a former nun, has written many books on the major monotheistic religions; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. She is a visionary who is observing their common grounds and how they can work together for a common world peace. An idea worth spreading.

I do not belong to one religious group as I don't think one group is right and another group is wrong. Her speech struck home with me as I've always thought there must be similarities in religious doctrines/beliefs and those are what we should focus on, not the differences. I do believe there is something beyond this life but I do not know what it is and do not believe one book or group of people know what it is. I'm content in being surprised when/if I ever find out. In the meantime I'll treat others as I would want to be treated, be compassionate and have an open mind.

You can watch Karen Armstrong's speech here:


actonbell said...

Wow, thank you! That was a wonderful, inspirational talk to witness on this bright & sunny Sunday. AND, I'm embarrassed to admit, I listened to about half of her speech before I realized why her name for so familiar: I have one of her books, which I read a few years back. Islam, a Short History(2000). I didn't know about her personal history, though. She's very charming! And her quest is profoundly important, and I admire the way she used the term "scripture abuse."

And, btw, I love your new background, balou:)

ArtSparker said...

Karen Armstrong - I'm a fan. Have read several of her books.