Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Twenty Years Ago

Today was our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Man, where has the time gone? Hubby said we beat the odds and I think we're still good together after all this time. I couldn't have found a better match.

I went looking through wedding photos this morning with my coffee and walked down memory lane. When I watch my nieces and nephews getting married, I wonder how we pulled off our wedding. The details that go into their weddings today are amazing. I look back at our wedding and I can't remember doing any of those things. Was I clueless or is more expected of weddings today? I have come to the conclusion that my florist was amazing and covered my taffeta covered butt on a lot of details. She basically decorated the church and the restaurant where we had our reception. The details may not have been covered but we had a wonderful wedding day and night all around with great memories.


The Pendills said...

Ah, I remember that day. Okay, not a lot about the day, but I remember being all dressed up, and everyone getting their pictures taken. Also, going back into the "bride's room" and hoping to see Prince in the neighborhood. :) Congrats on 20 years!

lime said...

well a very happy anniversary to the two of you