Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Psychic, Clue or Pumpkin

Hubby read my mind this past Saturday. He did! Really! It's actually not such an unusual event in our household. The guy has some extra receptors in his brain that tune him in to things. I admit though, I did help this one along a bit. I made a grocery store run earlier in the day and left the convertible parked in the driveway rather than putting it in the garage. I hoped hubby would see it and suggest a drive. It was a beautiful, cool but sunny day. With too few of these days left before the snow flies, he "read my mind" and we hopped into the convertible and put the top down and started wandering around the back country roads.

We are blessed here in Western Wisconsin with mostly paved back roads. We drove along and decided to go to a little town called Elmwood. North of Elmwood is County Road P. It's a gorgeous drive surrounded by tree covered hills jutting up around the river valley. The sugar maple trees are just on the verge of showing us their true, glorious colors. This area will be dazzling with hills of color in a week or two. We still enjoyed our ride and found some cool smaller back roads.

Along the way we came upon a trailer loaded with giant pumpkins some skilled gardeners had grown over the summer. I've always wondered how they do this. I'm sure it takes a great deal of TLC and even more fertilizer. Then I wondered...maybe it wasn't the hubbies psychic abilities, or even my subtle clue that initiated our afternoon drive...rather, I'm thinking it might have been the gravitational pull of those gargantuan gourds that drew us out that day.

Left to right: 533 lbs./126" circumference, 492 lbs./124" circ. and 642 lbs./142" circ. If you're in the area, these are located at County Road G and County Road C in Pierce County, Wisconsin (east of El Paso and west of Elmwood.) These folks have a large pumpkin field and have larger than normal pumpkins for sale.


Sornie said...

Ah yes, the giant pumpkins. Things of absurd size are known to suck men in. Whether it's a giant ball of twine (Darwin, MN) or huge pumpkins.

lime said...

uh yeah, i am thinking those pumpkins must have their own gravitational field!

The Pendills said...

A guy from near Willmar just set the new state record. I think it was just under 1500 lbs. There was an article in the paper about him and they do some special fertilizing with fish guts, and pump it up with water before the weigh in. Nuts!

jeanne said...