Friday, March 16, 2007

Big Sis' Birthday

Isn't she lovely? She was probably about this age when I was born. The photo Mom loaned me didn't have a date on the back so I'm not positive. Sister-N and I are 11 years apart. That meant when I was in elementary school, she was dating handsome high school boys and then going off to school and then to a new job.

She is my "water" sister because so many of my special memories with her seem to involve water. She taught me how to swim. I can remember hanging on for dear life until finally being convinced she would not let me sink. And all of the sudden I was floating on my back! Not long after she had me dog paddling like a pro. She also taught me how to water ski. The first time was at a cabin owned by a couple she babysat for. I don't believe I actually skied that time but it was my first try. Then there were the visits to her apartment with the wonderful beach out the back door. Making stinky snail shell necklaces, building sand castles and getting sunburn. She and her husband have lived on a lake all but a few years and their kids grew up like little fishes.

I wish the lake wasn't frozen and it was a warm sunny evening so we could cruise around the lake with a bottle of wine. Happy birthday sis & thanks for the love of the lake!



Very sweet. You & your sister obviously have a beautiful bond.

RennyBA said...

What a lovely meme and how nice of you to greet her this way!
Reading your post took me down the memory lane too as I was at the same age when I first tried water skiing.
I don't mind the lakes are frozen because then you can skate a tour you know!
Send me greetings and a big hug to your sister all the way from Norway:-)

logo™ said...

What a lovely sister,
hope she has a fabulous birthday!